A glimpse into Weston's secret... (Corner Confessions)

A vignette from 'Weston' in Corner Confessions

     Steph leaned forward and in a hushed tone asked, “Can I just interject here and agree with your opinion of being a cad?”
     “Yes, you can.  Do you want to hear more?”
     “You have forty minutes left…” Steph confirmed, sitting up straight in her chair again.
     “Then you have the Mothers of either the Bride or Groom…”
     “What?!?!?” Steph exclaimed, eyes practically bulging out of her head.
     “And sometimes the grandmas want to go for a little ride…  It depends on their age and agility, though.”
     “I’m speechless.”
     Flashing that devious smile at Steph again, Weston reminded her, “You have to remember it takes two to tango, though…”
     Steph blurted out, rather loudly, “You sound more like a party favor than a Best Man!”

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Kiersten Hall