Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot...

Partial excerpt of one of the chapters in "I Do" 15 Years of True Stories From A Wedding Videographer (longest title for a book, ever...) ;-) "I Do" is described as "a hilarious & strategic, guerrilla-handbook to planning a successful wedding."

An excerpt from the chapter entitled 'Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot...'

     On August 7, 1998, I was at a reception held at a popular lodge/resort property in the Brainerd, MN lakes area.  When I arrived at the reception, I stashed all of my extra equipment into the coat closet next to the front door and began videotaping.  After the dinner had been finished and the guests were beginning to eat their cake, the best man decided it was the perfect time to offer his toast.  Just as he began, one of the bridesmaids screamed “FIRE!”  People, at first, looked around confused and then the word ‘FIRE’ was shouted again and people started noticing smoke pouring out of the ventilation system.  The reception hall was on fire!  There were three sets of sliding glass doors near the table where I was sitting and the guests started rushing toward these doors.  I could have joined the masses and ran out of one of these doors however my equipment was in the coat closet on the other side of the building.  With my camera and tripod in hand, I started bucking against the crowd in order to get where I needed to go.  People were shouting, “You’re going the wrong way!  You need to turn around!”  I shouted back, “No!  My equipment is that way!  The ceremony tapes are that way!”  I made it to the coat closet, picked up my equipment and ran out the front door.

     I was one of the last people out of the building.  While everyone was corralled out on the lawn, down by the lake, the fire department delivered the news that the laundry room, in the basement, caught on fire because some linens in the dryer became too hot.  When the fire was out, everyone was allowed back into the building and the reception continued as if nothing had happened.  I will state our motto now:  “No matter rain, tornado, scorching heat, snow, blizzard, mosquitoes and other bugs, or running through a building on fire, “I Do” Productions has been dedicated to their clients.”  I just needed to say that…  Thank you.

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Kiersten Hall