Meet Cal...     (Corner Confessions)

Meet Cal... (Corner Confessions)

A vignette from 'Cal' in Corner Confessions

     “So, you run around with a cape and tights on?”  Steph interjected with a little laugh.
     “No, that would look ridiculous!" Cal dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand.  "If I did that, I couldn’t be invisible.  Plus, I would be locked up in the funny farm, for sure!”
     “Yes, invisible.  How can anyone be invisible if they’re running around in tights and a cape?  They would stand out like a sore thumb!”
     “But you claim to be invisible?” Steph asked again, making sure she’d heard him correctly.

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Where's Grandma?

Where's Grandma?

Meet Denyse...     (Corner Confessions)

Meet Denyse... (Corner Confessions)