'Just Breathe' ~ Book Teaser

'Just Breathe' ~ Book Teaser

A teaser of an upcoming book - one of many...

     “You are four minutes early!  Get off my doorstep!”  Eric stood there, stunned for a moment, then turned around and quickly walked back to his car.  He had always made a point of being a few minutes early when told to be somewhere ‘on time,’ so he was a bit flustered when told to get off the doorstep, and in such a harsh tone.  Did he do something wrong?  Their e-mail exchanges had been pleasant over the past month, although still quite professional – not at all similar to the other women he had chatted with, in the past.

     Eric stood, momentarily, outside of his car then decided to open the door and get in.  He checked his cell phone and sure enough, he still had a little over two minutes before it was officially 8:00 pm.  He sat in the dark of his car with the glow of his phone on his lap shining up toward his face, staring out at the little house situated at the end of an elongated cul-de-sac.  While driving in, he didn’t see any other houses with lights on as he got closer to this address.  He wondered if this was the only house down at the end of the street.

     He looked down at his phone again, and he still had a minute and 27 seconds left to wait.  The doubt was mounting in his mind, and he was close to putting the key back into the ignition and driving away, but his curiosity had the best of him.  She had been highly referred to him by one of his longtime friends, Jason.  With 30 seconds left to go, he got back out of his car, locked it, and briskly walked back up the stepping stones, to the front door.  Eric took a deep breath and rapped the heavy wrought iron knocker on the old wooden door, at precisely 8:00 pm.


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