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'A fast, fun, amusement park of a read.  The characters are well written and engaging.  Grab yourself a big mug of coffee and some cinnamon cake and dig in, it's delightful!  And while you're reading, look around, you might spot someone you know!  I did!'

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     Everyone has that one secret… that one skeleton in their closet… which will never see the light of day.  No psychiatrist, priest, spouse, or best friend will ever hear this secret yet, the urge to share this information can be found in most people's natural psyche… People want to share their experience with others… They want to tell someone their deep, dark secret. Although this secret rides on the subconscious - scratching at the surface to be revealed, it’s most often too embarrassing, or horrifying, or scandalous...

     What better way to get that secret off the mind, and out of the closet than to tell someone who is a complete stranger? Someone who will not judge what has been said, and what has been done? This method is safe, anonymous, and there is no accountability or judgment - and if there is, the keeper of the secret can simply walk away.

     Meet fourteen individuals who have decided to clean at least one skeleton out of their closet by confiding in a complete stranger they meet at a local coffee shop. Unassuming and safe with no judgments passed, learn about these secrets firsthand, as if you were a fly on the wall listening in during the confession.




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Corner Confessions
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