I am a firm believer in helping those who help me.

For the first 50 retailers to carry any one of my books, I make this 'promise' to you...  Whether it's one copy or a case of books ordered for your shop, I will promote your location(s) with a Promotional Boost consisting of:

+  FaceBook Announcement on:
   Author Page:  5,000 Followers
   "I Do" Page:  1,687 Followers
   Corner Confessions Page:  4,952 Followers
   The Lies We Live Page:  2,007 Followers  
+  Twitter Announcement to 30.6k Followers

+  Linked-In Announcement to 948 Followers

+  Instagram Announcement to 599 Followers

+  Your store, location and website linked to this

+  Daily Tweet promoting the fact your location
    carries the book title(s)

+  3-day sponsored FaceBook ad with a 30-mile
    radius, promoting the fact your location carries
    the book title(s)


K Hall Books-logo-black (1).png

+  Personalized Flyer & 3-up Customer Takeaways
    promoting the fact your location carries the book

+  Random FB posts promoting the fact your
    location carries the book title(s)

+  The above Promotional Boost will apply to
    scheduled events and/or stocking a title.  If both the
    title is stocked and a 'Meet & Greet' is also
    scheduled (on two different dates at least one month
    apart), then the Promotional Boost will be done
    twice for the retail location

+  For more information on this offer,
    please use the Contact Form to reach Kiersten by
    clicking here.

IMPORTANT: If your store orders one or more of the titles, you need to let me know. Personally notifying me is the only way I’ll know if your retail location offers any of my books. - Thank you ;-)