I am a firm believer in helping those who help me.

For the first 50 retailers to carry any one of my books, I make this 'promise' to you...  Whether it's one copy or a case of books ordered for your shop, I will promote your location(s) with a Promotional Boost consisting of:

+  FaceBook Announcement on Author Page of    
    4500+ Followers

+  Twitter Announcement to 16.6k Followers

+  Your store, location and website linked to this

+  Daily Tweet promoting the fact your location
    carries the book title

+  3-day sponsored FaceBook ad with a 30-mile
    radius, promoting the fact your location carries
    the book title

+  Personalized Flyer & 3-up Customer Takeaways
    promoting the fact your location carries the book

+  Random FB posts promoting the fact your
    location carries the book title

+  The above Promotional Boost will apply to
    scheduled events and/or stocking a title.  If both the
    title is stocked and a 'Meet & Greet' is also scheduled
    (on two different dates at least one month apart),
    then the Promotional Boost will be done twice for
    the retail location

+  For more information on this offer,
    please use the Contact Kiersten form by clicking here

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