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2018 London Book Fair

  • 2018 London Book Fair London, UK United Kingdom (map)

The first book of the 'Corner Confessions' series will be featured in the Combined Book Exhibit's showcase  (Author will not be in attendance):

* 'Corner Confessions - A Novel'
   (published 2016 & first of three-book series)

* 'The Lies We Live - A Corner Confessions Novel'
   (published Spring 2018 & second of three-book series)

* '...And The Burdens We Keep - A Corner Confessions Novel'
   (release set for July 2019 & third of three-book series)

In the 'Corner Confessions' books, the confessions are true but the names have been changed.  A few of the stories read as the confessions actually happened, while others have been pieced together or constructed by what has been described as a 'vivid imagination.'  Either way, you can only imagine what you will read in these tales...  The books are hard to put down!


For more info on Corner Confessions, please click here
For more info on The Lies We Live, please click here


2018 London Book Fair: