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The JELLYBEANS are coming to Evansville (again)!

  • Evansville Art Center 111 Main Street NW Evansville, MN 56326 United States (map)

Thirty-five JELLYBEANS have come together to share a sweet an thoughtful poem about kindness and inclusivity with children, 0 to 8 years. Join in their adventure as they discover their unique qualities while realizing they are all, ultimately, the same.

The JELLYBEANS book is sure to be a favorite among children and their family members.

FREE bookmark for kids while supplies last. :-)
FREE ‘K Hall Books’ bag w/ book purchase - also one/customer, while supplies last.

#thejellybeanbook #khallbooks

'Encouraging children to be accepting and unique in a fun and cool way. JELLYBEANS is a must-have for my children's bookshelf!'
Dani ~ Mom of 2 :-)

More info on JELLYBEANS here.

Guest of the Evansville Art Center