the process of creating a book

  • Countless loops through the editing & proofing process

  • Beta Readers, feedback, and more editing if needed

  • Promotional work leading up to the release date

  • Layout, formatting, cover design, interior pictures/graphics, etc.

  • Library of Congress, ISBNs, ASINs, QRCodes, etc.

From the initial reading of your manuscript, to you taking a selfie with your book on a retailer’s shelf, and us doing our very best to get your book out to the masses, Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP will work with you every step of the way.

Once your manuscript has been approved for our services and the required legal paperwork is done, you and your book-in-the-making become part of our Fox Pointe Publishing family.
Be forewarned, though: We have several ‘Type-A Personality’ motto quotes, we adhere to, including our most well-known:
‘No work leaves the building until it’s 2,000% perfect.’

Yes, we are self-proclaimed perfectionists. If anything in the world can be traced back to us, it had better be perfect.

  • Promotional work after the release date

  • Event Dates Reserved (if interested)

  • Radio, Podcast, Print & TV Interviews

  • Anything we can do to make you and your title ‘household names.’