2018 New Year's Resolution

The following resolution is going to be different than most – or at least for me.  First of all, I’m putting forth the effort to actually create, have and keep a New Year’s Resolution.  Secondly, this New Year’s Resolution will have a disclaimer for what I will be publicly putting out into the world, since I’ll be posting about my experiences, over time.  And lastly, I am hoping this will be a ‘game-changer’ in my life – starting tomorrow morning.  So, here we go…

First order of business, besides the fact that I’m writing this entry, my Blog Disclaimer is listed at the bottom of this post.

Next up, some history about me:

· I am a middle-aged woman (I have no flippin’ idea how that happened!  Where does time go?)

· I am also a middle-aged woman with a non-existent metabolism.

· I have been asking my doctors, for nearly 2 decades, to look further into a thyroid problem than simply giving me the test that comes back ‘normal’ for everyone.

· I’m anemic – low iron.

· I’ve been exhausted since the age of 10 years (seriously.)

· When I’m asked what my hobby is, I usually reply ‘sleeping’ since I’m so good at it.

· If I could, I would easily sleep 12 to 15 hours per day.

· My other half tells me I’m the sleepiest person he’s ever met.

· I’m now on my 25th year of being a Mom.  😊

· I’ve had 4 kids & they’re all taller than me – I’m not used to that, either.

· At the age of 16 years, I was 130 pounds.  At the age of 21 years, I was 155 pounds.  At the age of 23 years, I was 160 pounds right before I got pregnant with my first child.

· Between the 8 years of having 4 kids, I went from 160 pounds to 265 pounds.

· My marriage was an abusive sham for all parties involved except for the abuser, so I cut that nightmare short.

· Between 10 and 12 years ago, I managed to lose 72 pounds just by leaving an abusive relationship.

· 10 years ago, I picked up a fairly sedentary job and to this day, continue to work long hours with not much movement – not good.

· 12 years ago, I picked up a sedentary hobby (writing) – I’ve never really been an active person since I really just want to fall asleep at any time anywhere.

· For the first 8 years after walking out of my unhappy marriage (I left 11+ years ago), my ex filed countless motions against me about everything and anything to the point of having the County Court House tell him to never come back.  Also, I represented myself Pro se on everything since I didn’t have the funds to pay someone else to do it, and… quite frankly (from personal experience), if you want it done right, you do it yourself.

· With all the stress of ex-husband harassment, the situation of essentially starting from scratch – across the board - to support my 4 kids and myself, while still being anemic, having no metabolism to speak of, and wanting to go to sleep at any moment, the 72 pounds I lost over a decade ago, crept back onto my body, plus some…  No definitive number to give since I don’t allow a scale to be in my house.  But I have a fairly good idea… and no, we’re still not going to discuss.

· Weight and past situations aside, I also tend to put everyone and their needs in front of myself and my needs; it’s not uncommon for me to work 18-hour days, nearly every day of the week.  And even though there are some days I don’t leave my house, one can be rest assured, I am still in my office, at my desk, working on something in order to fulfill the promise I made to each and every one of my clients on the business I built for myself a decade ago, and to write books which I started a dozen years ago and picked up again four years ago.

· After I tore my meniscus a couple of years ago, healing has been slow and painful (maybe the term ‘healing’ is a bit too generous), and then dealing with that issue, I managed to herniate two discs in my lower back which has caused nerve damage on my other leg – I never know when one or both knees are going to give out.  Walking around is interesting…  The idea of exercising sounds insane.  Between the knee and back pain and not knowing when my legs are going to give out, the thought of any type of impact exercising on my knees, hips, and back is a joke.  I live in constant pain all the time.  I’ve been in pain since my teens – mainly neck and joints, and now with pretty much my entire skeletal structure.  (Joy.)

It would appear I have developed a few bad habits:

· I put everyone and everything in front of myself and what I need/want

· I’m a ‘workhorse’ but I also have the need to be since I’m a single income household

· I haven’t even hit half a century yet, and I’m literally falling apart; I’m thankful for the skin holding me together.

· I may be a bit of a ‘control freak’, too.  But then again, I’m usually the one picking up the slack.

· Over the decades, I have become the Best Procrastinator in the world for anything having to do with my health/happiness.

· With as much work as I wind up doing every day, it’s not that I eat poorly…  I just get too busy to eat.  This of course leads to fat storage, headaches, etc. 

You know what?  I’m a mess.  :-/



In 2014, one of my clients told me about what is now going to be my New Year’s Resolution for 2018.  But as usual, I was too busy to ‘deal with it’ at that time.  Last August, I chatted with another person who gave me the information – more than what I received in 2014, but I was still really busy with the ‘3rd quarter going into 4th quarter workload’ which meant I really didn’t have time to ‘deal with it.'

Not that I am any less busy, but for whatever reason, I made the leap and signed myself on this past Wednesday night:  I am now an official ‘Thriver!’

I really don’t know what that term has in store for me, but here’s what my Thrive Blog is going to be about:  My daily experiences with the product(s) – how I’m feeling, what I’m experiencing, any surprises, etc.  I’m going to do the minimum 8-Week Thrive Experience and journal about it every day.

And before anyone starts ‘blah, blah, blahing’ about what I’m doing, or the blogging, or whatever…  I don’t rain on your parade so please don’t rain on mine.  For the mere fact that I’m doing anything for myself – that’s a miracle right there!  And for the other fact that I live in pain every flippin’ day, and am finally taking a hopeful step of taking care of that… that’s another miracle right there, too.  So, if you have nothing nice to say, please keep it to yourself.

Also, throughout my life so far, I’ve become quite proficient at being the cynical person (I know nothing is for free, I know everything comes with a hitch, there’s always the small print, trust no one, everyone wants something for nothing, people have hidden agendas, etc., and so on and so forth – I could easily keep going.)  So, not that I’m saying nothing will change, but I’d be grateful if at least one thing changed because I’m currently batting a big zero on every one of these points:

Over the course of an 8-Week THRIVE Experience:
Weight Management
Cognitive Performance
Digestive & Immune Support
Healthy Joint Function
Age-Defying & Antioxidant Support+
Lean Muscle Support
Calming General Discomfort

(Well, good grief-almighty!  Where do I sign up?)  😉

'THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that's hard to explain, and challenging to describe... it's something that can only be experienced.'


On the morning of January 14, 2018:

I’m starting the Thrive Experience.  I’ll be reporting in on this blog.  I’m hoping for good things to happen… if at least one positive thing happens, I’ll be forever grateful.  I hurt and I could just kick myself for becoming what I’ve become physically and mentally.  I could also kick all of the doctors who have ever given me countless prescriptions which I’ve either never continued or never started since they were written for symptoms I didn’t have/would give me even more symptoms than what I started out with, in the first place – so I can get more prescriptions to treat the residual effects, of course (don’t get me started on the money-making scams of big-pharma – a whole blog, unto itself!)

Also, as someone who takes forever and a day to mull something over - and then once a decision is made to do whatever has been decided on – I usually tend to go full bore with whatever is in front of me  (go big or go home):

If you’re interested in learning about the Thrive Experience (the information and products that have managed to win over the most cynical mind in the world without even experiencing yet…), please click on the following link and the website will tell you everything:  https://khallbooks.thrive2point0.com/ 

If you have further questions past that, please message me through the CONTACT FORM on this website, and I’ll put you in contact with the right person who can give you thorough answers.

Alright!  Off to bed, and I’ll be back on in 12 hours or less.  😊

Ciao ~

PS.  This is a personal journal/blog which means it hasn’t been professionally edited.  If you find a grammatical mistake or typo, please remember this is ‘Kiersten-in-the-rough.’ 

PPS.  If nothing happens, or I grow even more scales than the ones I cover up daily with clothes, I'll be the first one to say so.  Ask anyone who knows me:  I'm the most 'straight-shooting, non-candy-coating, tell-it-like-it-is-whether-or-not-I-lose-friends' kind of person.  All of that lends to my cynical personality which I've become so proficient at, in life.

My Disclaimer:  The following information put forward in this blog is solely based on my own experience(s).  In today’s world, one must iron-clad anything put out to the public for fear of legal retribution and/or retaliation, as well as ‘miscommunications’ in the future, for various reasons based on the individual who may have an ‘issue’ over someone else’s personal experiences.  In a nutshell:  I write of my own experiences and no one else’s.  I make no claims, one way or another for/from anyone else, except myself.

If you're curious as to what this is all about, please click here: https://khallbooks.thrive2point0.com/


Kiersten Hall