RECAP on First Day of THRIVE

RECAP on yesterday's 'First Day of Thrive':

+ 10am up & took capsule (1 to begin with on the first day)
+ Around 1pm I had lunch - salad and banana*
+ Around 3pm-ish - I'm thinking more out of habit - my body started asking me if I was planning on taking a Sunday afternoon nap - but since my eyes weren't crossing and my lids weren't closing, I kept on with what I was doing and then my 2nd wind kicked in about 20 minutes later.
+ Around 6:30pm, sat down for dinner - sushi*
+ By 8pm, tired kicked in, and by 8:30pm I couldn't handle it anymore. Stumbled off to bed; kids asked if I was feeling okay being I was going to bed at 8:30pm!
+ Got ready for bed and zonked out by 9pm.
+ Woke up at 11:45pm and felt like one does after 'sweating out a fever' while you sleep: You wake up feeling good because the fever broke, but you're still exhausted so you go back to sleep, immediately. Seriously looked at clock made note of time, and how I felt, then closed my eyes and instantly went back to sleep.
+ Woke up again at 2am, right on the dot, and sat up to read a bit:   Texted with my daughter about rabbits ('cuz that's what you text about at 2am), and then read up until 4am when I got tired again.
+ Woke up at 8:45am when another kid stood outside of my bedroom door asking for a ride to the chiropractor later.
+ 8:55am, took the 2 capsules today.
+ And here I am now, 5 minutes away from drinking my morning shake... which I need to go make. ;-)

* Regarding the food I eat, I eat like this all the time. I have sushi at least 3 times per week (my secret indulgence), and I eat salads, veggies, fruit, lots of yogurt, and I drink either straight water or apple cider vinegar water to calm my stomach - especially when those hunger pangs show up *after* I've eaten. I don't drink pop/soda, sometimes I drink hot green tea (cold if it sat on my desk too long), occasionally I make coffee but I don't always remember to drink it because I get busy with work although the house smells good, I buy cans of cocoa - but I usually forget I bought it and the kids drink it.

I can't eat breads, pastas, etc - it bloats me up too much - figured that out a few years ago. I will occasionally indulge in a Jimmy John's sandwich when I'm out on the road, but that'll usually wind up being 2 meals for me so, I figure that's okay. Of course, I have to drink my vinegar water so my stomach doesn't eat itself after I eat the sandwich due to hunger pangs. (Never drink out of a bottle of water in my car - may very well have vinegar in it - as some of my family members have found out.) ;-)

Alright - time to go make a shake. Ciao :-)

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