RECAP of 2nd day on THRIVE

RECAP of 2nd day on THRIVE:

Up at 8:30am, but didn't zonk out like I did the evening before. As a matter of fact, got bored of working around 1am (this morning), and figured I should call it a day and go to bed. I did get 8+ hours of solid sleep, though. Not groggy this morning... weird.

Nothing earth-shattering, as of yesterday. BUT I did notice my neck and back didn't hurt as much as they normally would (yay!), and this morning, I was aware that when I got out of bed, and as I continue to move around the house (getting up and sitting down in my office), I don't hurt as much, either. THIS is BIG NEWS!

I don't know if the term 'slog' is an official word, but that's the description I've been using for a long time about how I feel each day; not so much mentally, but physically, to describe the pain of moving and the so-called energy level I have (thinking) about the possibility of moving.

Now, I'm not going to schedule me for any marathons quite yet, but I have noticed the lack of pain - as of today which really doesn't make this journal entry a recap, does it? ;-) 

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