RECAP of Days 3 & 4 on THRIVE

Day 4 on THRIVE - which was yesterday - but I'm always 'fashionably late', so this makes perfect sense. ;-)

In the first 3 days, and into the 4th, body aches have diminished - not completely gone but enough aches are missing where I move without debilitating exhaustion and when I sit down or get up off a chair, there are no loud vocal sighs accompanying those actions. ;-)

Also in the past 4 days, I have slept well and feel refreshed when I wake up.

The one thing I don't know would be how THRIVE is affecting my weight since I refuse to make room for a scale in my house. However, I will say my stomach seems to be flatter.

And speaking of stomachs, those hunger pangs that have been with me every day for the past year or two, have disappeared. I stay full when I eat! I have definitely noticed that! My diet hasn't changed, but I no longer get a voracious appetite AFTER I eat.

On my 5th day, today, and doing well. Amazingly easy - I haven't managed to monkey anything up yet. ;-) I take my capsules upon getting up, then take a shower, then the shake and the patches, and get on with it. Pretty darn easy. :-)

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