10th Day 'THRIVING'!


I'm still here! I'm still Thriving and I'm still moving around without aches - so much so, I even (willingly) helped my kids shovel a couple of days ago. I didn't get winded, I didn't keel over into a snowbank somewhere in the yard, my back didn't boycott me... You know? I'm rarely impressed, but THRIVE is impressing me!

Last week, or so, I made it 4 or 5 days of dutifully journaling my THRIVE Experience... That, right there, is impressive since I'm not exactly a 'routine' kind of gal. As a matter of fact, for people who have routines, I'm their nemesis. I wake up when I wake up, I go to sleep when I go to sleep, and between those two daily events which, by the way, can be anywhere on the clock, I work a lot, on a variety of different things.

The one thing (outside of my body) that has changed, though, is the creation and ability to stick to one routine: The 3-morning steps of THRIVE - albeit the occurrence of these three steps can be anywhere between 7:30 am to noon, they *do* happen. And these steps have made sure I feel energized, 90% ache-free, did I mention the energize part? (That's huge!) My stomach no longer has those hunger pangs after I eat. I get full quicker and stay full longer. My joints feel better... Well, heck almighty! I have a routine AND I'm impressed! Two rarities in my life!

Anywho, I have to get back to writing. Nice chattin' with you... I'll write again although it may not be for a few days... But I'm still here. Any questions? Give me a holler.

Ciao ~
Kiersten ;-)

PS. If you're wondering what this is all about, click on this link:  https://khallbooks.thrive2point0.com/

PPS. To be season appropriate, the picture should be of someone shoveling snow and not keeling over in a snowbank!

Kiersten Hall