Still THRIVING!!! Sort of... ;-)

STILL THRIVING!! (Sort of...) ;-)

I'll explain.

I have kids, and to those out there who either have kids now or used to have kids in the house, you know that anything that belongs to you - even if you've labeled it with your name - is still going to be theirs. And if those kids are teenagers (the 'hungry-all-the-time' types of teenagers), especially male teenagers, anything that resembles food is also going to become theirs and not last long in your house.

That's what happened to my THRIVE: My kids. The hungry-all-the-time-teenage-boys kind.

Now, I'm a somewhat organized person (for those of you who know me, stop laughing), and I have my reorder dates pinpointed in my calendar and on my monthly budget sheet. However, what I was *not* doing was looking into the box every morning when I made my shake. If I had, I would have noticed my shake powder supply was disappearing at an alarmingly faster rate than the rate I was consuming it; I had unexpected help.

So, about a week ago, I got up and took my energy vitamin capsules, waited 30 minutes and went back into the kitchen, reached into the box for a packet of powder and found an empty box much like one would find no toilet paper in the bathroom, or a tablespoon of milk left in the otherwise very empty gallon container in the fridge, or an ice cream bucket void of any ice cream in the freezer - a common occurrence if children are present in the house.

After they got home from school that afternoon, and presenting yet another speech to them on how there are *actually* some things in the world that are meant just for me - believe it or not - I was met with their feedback of having a shake for breakfast before school because it made them feel better than eating just the breakfasts they got at school, and they weren't tired throughout the day like they were when they were solely eating french toast sticks... By the way, did you catch the word 'solely' in there? Yeah, they were having one of my THRIVE shakes, and then going to school and eating breakfast there, too.

Anywho, the end all situation is:

+ I'll get to order another month's supply this week according to my budget.

+ My kids have both told me the shake in the morning makes them feel great throughout the day and they aren't as tired in school.

+ I will be ordering them some shake powder, too so they can stay out of my supply.

+ They were once again reminded (for the umpteenth time) to tell me if something is running out of stock, in the house, such as toilet paper - please don't be afraid to tell me. Please!!!!

+ Sometimes Mom has stuff just for her, but if you ask, maybe she'll share (and maybe she won't.) Also reminded them on this point for the umpteenth time.

And most importantly, not 2 days after running out of the powder packets and *not* having a morning shake, the aches came back in full-force! Seriously! I didn't believe it when they went away after 2 days, and I seriously couldn't believe it when they came back after 2 days of *not* having a morning shake! The magic is in that shake powder!!!! People have even been asking me again if I'm feeling okay? Or if I want to sit down since it looks like I'm not doing well and walking with difficulty, which I am. Wow! What a heck of a difference!

Fortunately, I still have the capsules and the derma-patches which keep up my energy levels (still awake and not having the urge to sleep 22 hours/day.) But oh... what I wouldn't do to have the rest of my shake powder packets to keep the perpetual aching at bay: 2 bad knees, 2 herniated discs in my lower back, spine issues in my neck, arthritis in my shoulders... Geez, I haven't been very good to myself, have I?

So, yes. I'm still THRIVING... sort of. And from all of this, the night and day differences of how my body reacts when it's on the full THRIVE program vs. being only on the energy vitamin capsules and DFT patches is incredible!


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