I'm a Thriver For Life!

I'm a Thriver For Life!

I’m over the 3-month mark of taking Thrive and am about to put in another monthly order.  Although I haven’t been very good about keeping a daily/weekly… okay, even a monthly journal, I am keeping up on my daily Thrive (except for that one week it prematurely disappeared thanks to others, in the house, who were consuming it as well.)

Within the first day of not having the morning shake, my body rebelled, big time!  I benefit from the morning capsules, too – they keep me from slogging through the day, resembling the living dead; I actually stay awake!  But that morning shake…  As far as I’m concerned, for myself, the magic is in the powder!  Holy monkeys!

Without the shake, the advanced arthritis* in my knees and the pinched nerves in my lower back from the herniated discs courtesy of the arthritic knees (I’m falling apart) makes it unbearable to walk.  Quite frankly, I’d rather not walk.  But when I have to, it’s with a cane and even then, I’m holding onto furniture, the walls, door jambs, etc., in order to not fall down.  WITH the morning shake, it’s crazy!  I can walk!  Holy monkeys!  Did I already write that?  😉

My knee issues are still there; I can feel the fact that I have arthritis in them, but I can walk without a cane and holding onto walls, and furniture, and any people I may pass to get to where I need to go.  I don’t look like I’m decrepit!  I can even exercise!  That’s huge!  I can move!

So, as I mentioned above, I’m about to put in another monthly supply order.  Although I still have a 1 ½ week supply and I know it only takes a few days for the shipment to arrive to my house, I’m going to do my best to NEVER be out of the shake mix again.  I’m hooked for life – especially if I want to move!  That claim of helping joint issues is true – at least in my case!

For any skeptics out there, I would suggest giving Thrive a whirl; at least one month but I would try for three months.  For me, I noticed the energy improvement within a few days and the joint issue improvement within a week.  But be forewarned, if your joints have issues, too, DON’T GO WITHOUT THE MORNING SHAKE FOR A WEEK…  DON’T EVEN GO WITHOUT FOR A DAY!*  Always have your supply stocked.  (My serious public service announcement to you.)  I don’t think I can make that point any more clear.  😉

If you would like more information on all of this, click on the following link and enter your email.  From there, the website will ‘open up’ even further and you can snoop through all of the pages of info offered.  If you have more questions beyond what you see here, contact me and I can put you in touch with others who know a lot more than I do.


Also, I’m not a high-pressured salesperson – besides believing in the Golden Rule of treating others the way I’d wish to be treated, I also see it as ‘if you want it, you’ll most likely appreciate your decision and if you’re not interested, the world keeps spinning.’

Also, also…  I haven’t been paid or given free product, etc. to say good things about Thrive.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not easily impressed, but when I am I’ll climb up the nearest mountain and shout from the summit for all to hear.  Of course, I don’t live near any mountains, so the internet will have to do:  “I’m a Thriver for life!  I can move and that’s amazing!”

And as my kid would say, “Peace out.”  😉

*I have countless prescriptions for my knee and back issues, but I would rather stay off the prescribed drugs because as we all know, 1 drug creates 4 other problems, which creates the need for 4 more prescriptions which each cause 4 other problems and so on and so forth.  I know people who take upwards of 40 different pills per day for various issues.  I don’t want to become one of them.  At the moment, I don’t take the prescriptions I currently have because of the reason listed above, and truth be told, I don’t think they work very well, if at all – my personal experience.

PS. If you're wondering what this is all about, click on this link: https://khallbooks.thrive2point0.com

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