I'm in need of REVIEWS on Amazon & Goodreads. For the rest of the month of Sept. 2018, those who post a review on Amazon & Goodreads & sign up for my Quarterly Newsletter on my website, their names will go into a drawing for a FREE Kindle copy of the upcoming 'The Lies We Live' due out this December 2018 (2nd in the 3-book series of 'Corner Confessions - A Novel.')

If I get a total of 10 Reviews, then I'll give away 5 Kindle copies of The Lies We Live. If I get 36 Reviews, I'll give away 18 copies, etc. If there are any odd number of Reviews, I'll round up, i.e. 45 Reviews = 23 free Kindle copies.

So, here are the 'RULES':

1. Please post a Review of 'Corner Confessions - A Novel' on Amazon
    (on whichever country Amazon website you purchased the book):

2. Please post a Review of 'Corner Confessions - A Novel' on Goodreads:

3. Please subscribe to my Quarterly Newsletter.

And your name will enter into the drawing to be held on October 1st. I will have one of my kids choose the winners; I'll put the pressure on them. ;-) Winners will be posted on FB & Goodreads.

More info on 'The Lies We Live' on this link

Look on this page for excerpts from the chapters

(A maximum of 100 Kindle copies to be given away)

If you’ve already read Corner Confessions, but haven’t yet given a review, you can get in on this offer, too! ;-)

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