The First Review for 'The Lies We Live'

August 3, 2018:

I just got this from one of the confessions in the upcoming 'The Lies We Live' (December 2018 Release)

*I have people reading the stories now & this particular one approved her story.


'I read it when I got home from work. Bawled most of the way through it.

Beautiful and covered a lot of history...

LOVED the way you tied so much stuff in with "Brett", the dog, so many things. Like I said I bawled most of the way through it and will for sure have to read it again.

Looking forward to seeing you on the New York Times Best lists 🙂'

❤ ❤ ❤
D.R. - Austin, MN

For more info on The Lies We Live:

‘The Lies We Live’ is the 2nd in a 3-book series of the Corner Confessions Novels. The first book can be found @

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