Initial Reviews for JELLYBEANS

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“Encouraging children to be accepting and unique in a fun and cool way. JELLYBEANS is a must-have for my children's bookshelf!”
-Dani, mother of 2

“As a pre-school teacher of four and five-year-olds, this is the time they are acknowledging differences in everyone they see.  JELLYBEANS helps celebrate those differences and teaches children to embrace and accept them.”
-Lyssa, pre-school teacher

“Dr. Seuss lives on! JELLYBEANS is a wonderful romp any young child or early reader will enjoy.  This is the sort of book one reads repeatedly when very young and then remembers throughout their lifetime.  Worth the addition to any child’s first library.”
-Dan, grandfather of 1

“I love JELLYBEANS!  So many fun colors and flavors. As the world we live in... everyone is so different but all are important.”
-Marian, grandmother of 2

JELLYBEANS is a perfect and fun educational book to teach children about flavors, colors, shapes, sizes, friendship, diversity, being inclusive and celebrating all the wonderful ways we are unique, all blended together in a way that is truly sweet! I'm greatly looking forward to reading this adorable book, over and over again, with our first grandchild due this autumn.”
-Deanna Jean, mother of 4

“As Dad to a 2-year-old girl, I'm always looking for books I can read to her that will not only be entertaining but also educational and teach valuable life lessons such as empathy and inclusiveness.  JELLYBEANS nails it!  I look forward to sharing this with her for years to come!”
-Brian, father of 4


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