At the moment, besides "I Do" & Corner Confessions, there are 13 other titles waiting in the files to be written with more ideas entering whenever something piques Kiersten's 'vivid' imagination.  She is striving to release at least one book per year and is looking forward to sharing her stories with the world!

'The Lies We Live' is set for a December 2018 Release, and the final book in the 3-book Corner Confessions series is slated for a late 2020 Release.
Be sure to check back every so often for the newest updates!


Untitled - opinion, non-fiction     (2019)

Untitled - memoir, non-fiction     (2021)

Untitled - suspense-thriller, fiction     (2023)

Untitled - action-adventure, fiction     (2025)

And the list keeps going...