Meet Denyse...

A vignette from 'Denyse' in Corner Confessions

     “Do you want some coffee?” Steph asked, gesturing to the empty cup on the table she'd had waiting for her next interviewee.
     “No, that’s okay.  I’ve been drinking coffee since six o'clock this morning.  Any more caffeine and my vision will start getting jittery!”
     “That happens to you?” Steph asked incredulously.
     “No, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did,” Denyse answered with a smile.  “I’ve been up since five thirty…  Actually, earlier than that, couldn’t really sleep last night.”
     “Because I knew I was coming in to meet you this morning and confess, out loud, something I’ve been doing to avoid something I really should do…  should have done years ago.  Maybe I shouldn’t have done it in the first place, really.”

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Kiersten Hall