Meet Jimmy...

A vignette from 'Jimmy' in Corner Confessions

     “We had five stops altogether… he was supposed to do those errands the day before but he screwed around and figured he’d just do ‘em on the way out to the beach instead,” Jimmy said, taking a long drink from his soda.  Steph noticed it was a ginger ale and wondered briefly if he had gotten it at the coffee shop.
     “What happened at these stops?” Steph asked.
     Placing his soda back on the table, Jimmy continued to explain, “Four of them were rather quick, what with the threats and the brandishing of Gus’ gun, but the fifth one erupted in gunfire and we ran for it!  I had to jump in the car while Gus was already drivin’ it!”
     “Seriously?!?” Steph asked in amazement.
     “Yeah, Gus came flyin’ out of that building and ran right past me – I didn’t even know it was him when he ran by.  He forgot I was standin’ guard, jumped into his car and then took off!”
     “He forgot about you?!?” Steph gasped, leaning into the table.
     “I s’pose ya’ forget about things when people are shootin’ at ya’…”
     “I suppose so!” Steph said, eyes wide with disbelief.
     “When I recognized him - since two hours prior was the first time I had ever seen him in my life, I started runnin’ toward the car but saw him get in and take off, completely forgettin’ about me!”
     “What did you do?” Steph asked, now hanging on every word.
     “I stopped altogether, wonderin’ what to do, and turned around just in time to see someone runnin’ toward me.  But as soon as they saw I was a lil’ punk-ass kid, they swerved and ran right past me realizin’ I wasn’t Gus.  All I can say is thank the sweet lord I turned around and they realized I wasn’t Gus or another adult who could have been working with Gus…”
     “No kidding!”
     “So, this guy takes off down the street runnin’ in the same direction Gus took off in the car, and I just stood there wonderin’ what to do!”
     “Oh, my gawd!”
     “About half a minute later, from the intersection behind me, I hear a car horn and a whistle…  It was Gus wavin’ at me to haul ass to the car!  So, I took off runnin’ as fast as I could, came ‘round the back side of the car, and he started movin’!”
     “You weren’t in the car yet?!?” Steph asked, realizing she probably hadn’t blinked yet since her eyes were getting dry.
     “I don’t think he cared!  I jumped onto the running board of the front passenger side and dove into the open window, landing my face down by his right foot pressed on the accelerator, and puttin’ my nose up close and personal to the razor he had along his right ankle underneath the cuff of his pants!  My legs were still hangin’ out of the window as he held onto the back of my shirt while he careened around corners makin’ sure I didn’t fly out of the car!”


Kiersten Hall