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     In a continued hushed tone, Steph asked, “What kind of domination are we talking about here?” 
     “Well… with my current clients, sometimes there’s pain… perhaps humiliation both verbally and/or through ordering tasks to be done,” Stella clarified and then with a coy smile continued, “and I do have a couple of full-time houseboys .”
     “What part do you have a question about?” Stella asked although she knew fully what part of her last statement prompted Steph’s last question.
     “What are houseboys?”
     “Men who live at my house and earn their keep by obeying every one of my commands, whether they want to or not.  Essentially, they are my live-in help at my beck and call.”
     “Every woman could use a few of those in their home…” Steph remarked, trailing off with thoughts of buff men tending to her every wish and need.
     “Well, at least you aren’t married.  That would be odd to have men running around at your house and your husband walks in the door.”
     “I am married.”
     “You’re what?"  Steph asked incredulously.  "How did you arrange that?”

Meet Stella and others in 'Corner Confessions'

Kiersten Hall