Pregnancy & Videography

An excerpt from the chapter entitled 'Pregnancy & Videography'

     The other ‘joy’ of pregnancy, of course, is having the need to visit the restroom, often.  Actually, the word ‘often’ really doesn’t describe the situation.  It’s more like I should have just lived in the bathroom.  Besides the agonies of being in the middle of one-hour ceremonies, or two hours of nonstop toasts during dinner, or four hours of constant action on the dance floor, I’m reminded of a wedding I shot at a private residence.  The ceremony had finished, I had my equipment packed and in the car, but I really needed to use a restroom before getting out on the road.  I walked back into the house and the mother of the bride directed me to the first door on the right, down the hallway.  I rushed to the bathroom and thankfully found it unoccupied.  I opened the door and yes, it was a bathroom with all the fixtures including a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall window.  The entire wall was a window and the toilet was right next to it!!!  I desperately searched for curtains, a shade, blinds, something!  I hurriedly walked back out of the bathroom and again sought the mom of the bride to ask if there was a hidden curtain in that bathroom or something I was missing, or perhaps another bathroom I could use that did not have a huge window looking out onto a backyard where all 200 guests were sipping champagne and nibbling on canapés two feet from the toilet?!?!  I was dying; my eyes were starting to water.  She calmly assured me with a light chuckle that it was a one-way window.  I rushed back to the bathroom, closed the door, and then proceeded to make funny faces and gestured at the window to see if anyone would notice.  After assuring myself that no one could see in, I finally relaxed.  But good grief!  When you have to take care of business and there’s this huge window next to where you sit and you can watch party-goers chit chat, eat, drink, and have a gay old time adjacent to you – it’s very disconcerting.  In retrospect, it was funny; but absolutely unnerving, at the time.


Kiersten Hall