Reception Revelry

An excerpt from the chapter entitled 'Reception Revelry'

     Continuing on wedding cakes, some of the cutest footage I have ever taken was of children, especially those who don’t know they are being watched by a video camera.  The true personalities of these kids come out when they are looking at a wedding cake, up close.  There are some children who remain standing three to four feet away from the cake table.  They have been trained well.  There are some kids who will get closer or will stand at the table’s edge and say nothing, but the looks on their faces are just priceless.  You just know they want to grab a handful and duck under the nearest table, and cram the cake into their little mouths.  Some, usually little girls, will stand near the table’s edge and point out the intricacies of the frosting and the decorations used such as fountains, staircases, motorized cake toppers, etc. but will never actually touch the cake.

     Then you have the kids – usually the little boys – who dare to reach the extra couple of inches and actually touch the cake.  These kids are obviously in-training for their future occupations as agents involved in covert operations for a governmental agency.  First, they casually walk up to the cake and look around.  Some will use the ruse of looking bored and might even walk away with their hands in their pockets only to return within a minute or two.  Once they have established that no one is paying attention to them, whatsoever, they will take an in-depth look at the cake:  What part of the cake should they touch so no one will notice that the frosting has been tampered with?  How thick is the frosting, really?  Where are the supports for the cake?  (One must be sure it doesn’t fall down in the middle of the covert operation.)  Which way, through the room, will provide the quickest and cleanest escape route out of the immediate area?  One more check over each shoulder to make sure no one is looking…  Within a blink of an eye, the crime is done and the perpetrator is gone.  The child is back over by the punch bowl just looking at the foil-embossed napkins.

     The perfect execution of this mission, however, begins to fall apart on subsequent visits to the cake because either all the precautions are not executed to the nth degree as they were the first time around and/or he has shared his secret indulgence with a select few of his friends, who in turn, have shared the secret with their friends, and so on down the line.  Inevitably, the mission is interrupted by an adult and needs to be aborted for the evening.  There are also a handful of kids who sidestep the attendant difficulties and just stick their fingers in and take some frosting, no matter who is watching.


Kiersten Hall