Receptions Involving Water

An excerpt from the chapter entitled 'Receptions Involving Water'

     A couple of years ago, when my eldest son was four years old, I shot a wedding that had a single beta fish in a small glass globe surrounded by seashells and a handful of sand for the table centerpieces, at the reception.  At the end of the night, people were urged to take a fish home.  I was one of the last people there and the couple knew I had kids so, they urged me to take one, too.  Like a good Mom, I took a fish home to add to our happy little family.  The next morning, my son was all excited about the new addition and asked where it came from?  After I had explained the fish had come from the wedding the night before, he concluded that every subsequent wedding should produce some type of living creature, as well.  He would give me a short list of animals to look for during my weddings, and if I saw one, I should put it in my equipment bag and bring it home.  If all else failed, I should at least bring home another fish.  :-)

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Kiersten Hall