Where's Grandma?

An excerpt from the chapter entitled 'Where's Grandma?'

     Speaking of grandparents who get whisked away to receptions, this memory is of a grandma who, after the ceremony in a large church, needed to visit a restroom.  Before she was taken to the reception by whoever was assigned to give her a ride, she set off to find a bathroom.  Apparently, there was another wedding, which had also just ended, in the small chapel of this ceremony location.  When she came back out of the bathroom near the chapel, with her coat on and purse in hand, an overly helpful relative from the other wedding offered a ride to the reception.  She accepted the kind offer and left.

     Once her family arrived at the reception and were seated for dinner, they noticed that Grandma Millie was nowhere to be found.  Panic struck and the blame game of “You were supposed to drive her to the reception!” started between the various relatives.  Reaching into the “You think?” basket of ideas, the minister suggested that perhaps she was at the reception of the other wedding, which had occurred at the church’s chapel, that afternoon.  He and his wife were going to stop at that reception later that evening, and so they had the invitation out in the car.  It was retrieved, the other reception location was called, and it was confirmed that they had an ‘extra’ grandma.  Fortunately, the other reception was in a neighboring suburb and the father of the bride went over to collect his mother; she was found sipping champagne and having a lovely time chatting with everyone around her.


Kiersten Hall