Who Invited Mother Nature?

An excerpt from the chapter entitled 'Ceremonies — Who Invited Mother Nature?'

     Another wedding, which had a water problem, was one I shot a few years ago.  This one actually was a ‘gusher.’  Throughout most of the day and evening, there had been a steady rain – a good soaker.  This is great for a farmer’s crop, but not good for an outdoor wedding.  The couple did have a tent with side walls but, going unnoticed, water was collecting in pools on the roof of the tent.  Towards the end of the night, the ground had become so soaked that the tent pole, at the corner of the dance floor, sank into the wet ground and collapsed from the weight of the water.  Once this pole went down, it created a ‘domino’ effect and took the tent poles, on either side of it, down too.  A 144 square foot area of the tent came down and covered half of the dance floor as well as all who were on it.  The revelers out on the dance floor didn’t seem to mind very much.  I think the combination of earlier drinks and a collapsing roof just added to the fun.  No one was too distressed.  The DJ, however, was thanking his lucky stars that he (by choice) had decided to set up in the opposite corner and, fearing that the tent might continue to collapse, started taking down his equipment, which marked the end of that reception.


Kiersten Hall