Meet Iona...


     “How long had he been doing this?” Steph asked.
     “A handful of years,” Iona answered.
     “Why wasn’t he caught sooner?”
     “Because he made sure his name was buried in layers of paperwork, but he had his wife’s first name and maiden name on it as the co-owner.  He was the silent partner on all of this,” Iona said while tapping her fingernail on the side of her coffee mug.
     “Did she get nailed, too, then?”
     “Yep, she did some time in a women’s prison in the Twin Cities.”
     “Did they have kids at the time they were in prison?”
     “Yep, just one...  So, my father-in-law served his time first, and then my step-mother-in-law served her time afterwards.”
     “How did he get caught?” Steph asked.
     “I’m sure there was an audit in that particular department or company-wide, and red flags were raised with a whole lot of questions.  Then someone bothered to do some research and find out the primary owner of this company was, in fact, the current wife of their very own VP of one of their departments.”
     “I bet that went over well!”
     “So well, in fact, they decided to make an example out of him to deter any other employee from trying this little stunt.  So, off to prison he went for two years, even though he spent nearly $100,000 on legal fees.”
     “What company was it, if you don’t mind me asking?” Steph asked before she took another sip of coffee.
     “I won’t say, specifically, but they’re one of Minnesota’s largest homegrown companies based out of Minneapolis and I think they have a stadium named after them,” Iona said nodding her head.
     “Well, the stadium hint doesn’t tell me much since I’m not into sports, but okay,” Steph said with a smile.  “But did he do more illegal things he didn’t get caught for?”
     “Yes,” Iona answered while shifting in her chair.  “Part of this whole conviction thing was not only legal fees and prison time, but also included paying back the money he essentially stole from his employer as being the ‘middle man’, plus interest, fees and punitive damages to this company and…  You’ll love this…  He didn’t report that extra income, either.  So, he also owed back taxes plus interest, plus fees, plus fines to both the State of Minnesota Department of Revenue and the IRS.  Except when things started getting shaky at work, he hid the money.”


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