Meet Weston...


     Steph paused as she looked back at Weston with a smile, “Do you have a sin you would like to confess?”
     “Yes.  I’m a cad.”
     “A what?”
     “I have a bad little habit that makes me not a very nice person, sometimes.”
     “Oh!” Steph exclaimed since her subconscious was not expecting anything bad to come from Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome.  But then her conscious mind kicked in, full force and set her mind back at the task at hand on a professional level; not the blubbering teenage-mode she had been on since Weston showed up at her table to help with puzzles.  “Before we go any further, I do need to state my disclaimer out loud.”
     “Oh, yeah…  Sure.  Go ahead.  Do what you gotta do.”
     “I’m a law-abiding citizen who would rather not hear about anything illegal done by you or anyone you know because I don’t want to be put into the position of knowing something that should be reported.”
     “Wow!  That sounds official!” Weston exclaimed with a devious grin.
     “It is,” Steph said, trying to maintain her composure and not just stop and stare.  “I will also add, I’m not a licensed therapist.  So, whatever we talk about, this should be considered as two people chatting over coffee.”
     “Okay, cool… and yeah, this isn’t illegal, it’s just not very nice and I know it’ll catch up to me one of these days.”
     “Well, I’m ready to hear it if you’re ready to say it,” Steph said, smiling as she sat up straight in her chair and did her best to not make Weston feel uncomfortable being she couldn’t stop staring at him.


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