Meet Stella...


     “Very well…  On Fridays, there’s a rotation of a few people throughout the month, who enjoy flogging, spanking, fire play, knife play, rope and latex bondage, that kind of stuff, or some who find interesting things in books or off the internet and want to try something different.”
     “Should I ask what the different stuff is?”
     “If you’d like…”
     Pausing for another moment while she finished off her coffee, Steph decided to resort back to the self-directed growing list of terminology to look up on Google when she got home that evening, “You know, on second thought, never mind.  I’ll use my imagination.”
     “Okay.  Well, there’s one more type of dominating I provide.  Do you want to hear about that?”
     “Yep.  We are here to let you air out your secrets, and I have to say, you definitely have some secrets!” Steph said with a little laugh to bring some humor into this rather odd afternoon conversation.
     “I also provide the service of what I refer to as, ‘captivation.’  People can stay one or two nights through the weekend, in captivation at my house.”
     Steph had already heard quite a bit and her mind was running wild.  So, when she heard the word captivation, Steph nearly burst out with laughter, but managed to keep it at bay with just a smile, “You captivate them?  Like an animal at a zoo?”
     Stella pursed her lips and gave a reprimanding look to Steph as her professional manner and speak came back in full force, “Yes.  I have a few cages around the house so I can keep an eye on them.  Most of them wear a gimp hood for both sensory deprivation and to conceal their identity, and some choose not to wear it.  For those who choose to go without the hood, they are required to wear a blindfold at all times…”
     Picking up on the change of tone and the expression on Stella’s face, Steph interjected with, “I apologize for that outburst…  I really am.  I didn’t expect to hear the word captivate…”
     “I understand,” Stella confirmed calmly and then continued in her professional manner, “Either way though, they stay in their cages except for eating which they do in the dungeon - out of dog food bowls, or when they have to use the bathroom.  At night, they sleep in a cage underneath our bed.  During the day, they’re either out in the great room or in the dungeon if I happen to have an extra appointment over for some play.  And that’s about it.  Do you have any questions?”
     In an effort to make sure Stella knew how genuine Steph was being in her apology, Steph repeated, “I am truly sorry…  I seriously didn’t expect to hear that word.  You took me by surprise…  Actually, you have had me surprised this entire appointment and I guess my surprise level just bubbled-over when you mentioned your last service…”
     “I understand,” Stella said, putting her unused spoon and napkin into her empty coffee mug.  “No need to apologize.”
     “I feel I must, though,” Steph rebutted.  “I seriously wasn’t laughing at you…  I think I may just be… maybe nervous?  No, nervous isn’t the right word…”
     Stella interrupted Steph and put her hand on top of Steph’s hand and said, “It’s really okay.  I’m sure you are nervous…  I make people nervous – I know that.  And I understand that what I told you isn’t the everyday banter you probably talk about on Thursday afternoons, either.  It’s okay…  It’s really okay.  I understand and I accept your apology.  Everything is good.”
     “Alright,” Steph said, pulling her hand out from underneath Stella’s hand.  “As long as you know I wasn’t disrespecting you.  But, if it helps, I can honestly say I think you have taken the cake for wild material covered in these confessions, so far!”
     “I’m sure you have definitely heard some great secrets…” Stella said while she stood up and extended her hand for a traditional handshake this time.  “Thank you again for this opportunity and it was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Stephanie.”
     Steph stood up and met Stella’s hand with a confident handshake, “You’re welcome and thank you, too…  Actually, I do have one more question…”
     “What might that be?” Stella asked with her devious smile again.
     “How did you find out about this little experiment of mine?”
     “One of my clients frequents this coffee shop and told me of your idea.  I thought it was interesting so, I had one of my house boys stop in and sign me up.”
     “Ah,” Steph said while she instantly tried to start figuring out, to herself, who Stella’s client would be.
     “And I can see from the look on your face, you are trying to figure out who that person is… would I be correct?”
     “Is it that obvious?” Steph said with a smile.
     “Yes, and I cannot tell you.  Privacy is of the utmost in my line of work,” Stella reminded Steph as she turned around and began to walk toward the front door.
     “Of course…” Steph said to herself as she watched Stella navigate, effortlessly, through the tables and chairs towards the front door of the coffee shop in her four-inch crocodile heels.


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