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Kiersten Hall

‘Walk the edge of reality and bend your audience’s minds; they will appreciate the exhilarating and refreshing workout received when reading your words.’

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+ I’m the person, in the bookstore/library, smelling books. Yep, I smell books. My mom taught me to smell books, and I have taught my kids to smell books… We will stand in a row and pass a book back and forth between us, smelling the pages and looking at the book. This activity is truly considered to be a fun family outing.

+ I collect old books. Lots of old books… I need a bigger house just for all of my books. Some people have a lot of shoes – I have a lot of books (I’d rather smell books than shoes.) My oldest book is nearly 250 years old. No one touches that book and it sits on the highest shelf and we all point at it with reverence. One of the coolest books I have is a pocket atlas from when there were only 13 states. One of the sweetest books I have was printed in 1895 and is simply entitled ‘Decorum.’ The book covers such topics as Courtship & Suitors, Manners, Social Expectations for a variety of engagements, Practical Knowledge (as what was considered ‘practical knowledge’ for a young lady in 1895), etc.

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+ I love to learn… about EVERYTHING! A few times in my life, people have commented I know just enough about everything to the point of being dangerous. Also, along with this line of learning everything, my mom describes me as a chameleon; I can mold myself into any situation conversation-wise, or through action. (Of course, all of this makes for a vivid imagination!)

+ I’m a ‘get it done’ kind of person and am certainly not afraid to make a fool out of myself – has happened several times over the past 4+ decades I’ve been on this planet. One of my own sayings: It’s not safe to leave me to my own devices… I start thinking. And when I start thinking, I get ideas… And without the fear of failure, I do things.

+ Secretly, I would like to be a stand-up comedienne. Maybe when I grow up? Well, either a stand-up comedienne or a National Park Ranger. It’s a toss-up, really… I could do both by standing out in the forest and telling jokes. The question could be, “If Kiersten tells a joke in a forest and no one was around to hear it, was it funny?”

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A Vivid Imagination

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On The Road Again

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"One is quite easily drawn into
the web of stories she weaves."
M.R. - Leavenworth, KS


"For people-watchers and conversation-voyeurs, like myself... This is gold!"

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